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Installing Multiple Hard drives In Mac

Planning to increase the storage capacity on your Mac? Well Mac has the support of up to four drives and this comes by as one of the easiest of tasks to do. All that you need to do this is to get the hard drive(s), a nice clean work area to begin this operation on and a couple of screw drivers.

Let’s get started on it!

Get the machine discharged of any possible static charge building up on it. You can easily do this by shutting down the machine, remove the cables except for the power cable and discharge the static charge on your body by touching the PCI expansion slots. You may experience a slight prick but it’s alright and no harm will be done to you or the machine.
Get the access latch lifted, it will be on the back of the Mac pro and have it the casing tilt out.
  Installing Multiple Hard drives In Mac

Make sure that the access latch is lifted so that the hard drive sled that you want to use can be accessed.
This would seem as a tough task to get along with at first but curl your fingers near the sled and slide it out, get the four bolts on it unscrewed and slide the hard drive in and screw the bolts back in.
Slide the sled back in and put the cover back on the system and pull the access latch down and get the system up and ready.
That’s all there is to getting your hard drive installed and arranged in its place.