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How To Take A Screenshot With iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has lots of different functions and features which make it very popular in the market. You will see lots of handy applications for iPhone which are found in diverse categories like games, sports, internet, images, audio, video and many more. The sum of all these things make iPhone a respective device in today’s market. Everyone loves to have this smart phone in his pocket and take benefit of all the rich functions it provides. We see number of usage like connectivity to wifi hotspot, creating ads with iAd producer, fall music asleep with sleep timer, and many other things which make this device up to mark in this competitive market.

There is one very basic function which is to take snapshot with iPhone. This is very simple, easy to do but helps you in a big way. Here is the simple guide which will teach you how to take a snapshot with iPhone.

  How To Take A Screenshot With iPhone

All you have to do is to hold down the power button and home button of iPhone at the same time.
When you do this, the screen will flash, and a screenshot has been taken.