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In iOS 5 Swipe Left to Dismiss New Notifications

In iOS 5 the latest version of iOS operating system, you want to remove the notifications from your screen all you need is to swipe your finger towards left across the notification and that’s all. This trick works because of briefly activating the notification center and letting it go, this causes the notification to dismiss. This trick is however very simple but the user must know where the screen cap comes from.

 In iOS 5 Swipe Left to Dismiss New Notifications

This trick works definitely for all versions and models of iOS devices like iphone, ipad, ipod and ipod touch. On ipad it does not works all the time so it is advised to disable this feature of prompting the notification on the screen by going in notification settings. The reason of getting iPhones so popular is their features of enabling and disabling the applications according to the user desire and availability of different apps on iTunes. Apple has shown much more concern and importance to the customer ease in this regard. iOS 5 latest version of iOS has many features which really are beneficial for the users to save time and fatigue of going deep in the menus to fix any feature. It has many shortcuts to execute the required command.