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Steps To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

Most of the users of iphone are very annoyed from the battery life of their iphones. To address this issue following are some tips which will help you positively. The given below tips are fully functional on every iphone including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4, even the first iPhone.

First tip for increasing the battery of your iphone is to enable Auto brightness adjustments. The process is as follow in single line: Settings -> Brightness turn this feature on.
Second tip is to disable the location services if you are not using them frequently as these apps utilizes battery while remaining hidden.
Third way of controlling the battery drainage is turning off push notifications. You can disable this feature manually by following steps: Settings -> Notifications.
 Steps To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

Another trick for saving battery life is very simple. You are needed to enable locking your iphone when it is not in use.  This will enable the phone to remain inactive when someone touches the screen until you unlock it.
Fifth way of increasing the battery timing is to reduce the mail check intervals because you do not require mail updates after every 5 minutes practically.
To conserve the battery energy you can disable the keyboard sounds as it uses power to play the sound every time.
Similarly you can save the battery drainage by limiting the vibrating feature in your phone which is usually enabled by default in many games and apps.